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Can you help us explore patient experiences and preferences when waiting for heart surgery at south-east London hospitals?

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We want to know what it is like waiting for elective (non-emergency) heart surgery at Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals, Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospital, and King’s College Hospital – and what could make the experience better.

Most but not all patients in this group will be diagnosed with coronary heart disease, aortic stenosis, mitral regurgitation, or aortic aneurysm. Specifically, we are looking at:

  1.  patients’ views on the impact of their heart condition on their life;
  2.  patients’ preferences in relation to delivery and timing of the surgery; 
  3.  patients’ opinions about how the waiting list process could be improved in the future.  

We will be investigating this via a survey which patients will complete online, and we would like to involve current and former patients and carers in designing and carrying out the project. Our results will be used by the hospitals to inform how they manage waiting lists in the future and we also aim to publish them in an academic journal.

We would like to involve patients and carers in two main ways:

  1. Joining our core project team to give us regular feedback on our work as we go along (2 people).
  2. Joining three workshops at key points in our research (5-6 people).

These will be to ask patients and carers:

  • Are we asking the right survey questions in the right way?
  • Are we interpreting the answers the best way we can?
  • Are we writing the interpretation up in a way that makes sense?

How do I find out more and apply?

Full details of the ways to get involved with this project and an application form are available online here:

Overview of the project and involvement

Getting involved with the workshops

Joining the core research team

Application form

Equality monitoring form (for those wanting to join the core team – optional)

Please apply by 28 August 2022.

Any questions?

You are also very welcome to contact Rachel and Len, the KIS PPI co-ordinators, on 


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