King’s Improvement Science

Links policy

Our aim is to give visitors to access to information about improvement science, quality improvement, and initiatives that aim to improve people’s health within south-east London, the rest of the UK, and abroad.

The website and resources developed by the King’s Improvement Science team link to sites that give general and specific information about improvement science and quality improvement, and that describe specific research and programmes of work in the field.

We review the sites linked from regularly, but King’s Improvement Science is not responsible for their content. The inclusion of a link on this website should not be interpreted as an endorsement of that site.

We do not link to other sites in exchange for cash, services or other considerations.

We do not link to commercial sites, or sites that carry advertising, or to websites that charge visitors to view their contents except for links to academic journals where visitors can almost always view an abstract but on many occasions have to pay to view the full paper.

All inclusions are at the discretion of the King’s Improvement Science director and programme manage.


Page updated 30 October 2021